10 Female Rappers To Pay Attention To

There's more to life than Nicki Minaj (though, we love her too) 

By Eric Shorey

Back in the day, we had entire crews of female rappers in the mainstream. These days all we've got is Nicki (not that we don't love Miss Minaj) -- unless you look a little bit harder. Let's take a look at some of the superstars of the underground for some divine feminine inspiration. Here's hoping these ladies blow up big time!  

1. Dai Burger

  • Dai Burger is a queer cutie with impeccable style. Her fabulous fashions landed her a spot as a spokeswoman for designer Patricia Field. She's also got some superstar spitting skills to match her sickening steez.

    2. Bbymutha

    Borrowing experimental beats from DJs like LSDXOXO and SXYLK, Bbymutha's monotone rapping belies an impressive flow.

    3. Rye Rye

    Rye Rye's been on the scene for a while now, having worked with big names like M.I.A. and The Scissor Sisters. A sweet petite with a fast tongue, Rye Rye's upbeat party anthems are instantly ear-wormy.

4. Quay Dash

Heavy hitter Quay Dash discussed being a transgender woman with True Laurels: “Being a part of the LGBT community and being a transgender rapper from the Bronx definitely sets me apart from the pack which is why I must come much harder than your average everyday female or male rapper. I don't feel the need to craft it because I already perfected what I needed to. It's pretty much a piece a cake for me.”

5. Lucci Vee

Chicago based rapper and former Bad Girl serves sass and swagger with every bar. We talked to her about her upcoming album Guard Your Grill: The Knockout a while back and we're waiting eagerly for the release.

6. Junglep***y

Black power princess Junglep***y (now imagine it without the asterisks) serves attitude for days in all of her songs and videos. The New York beauty was recognized by the eternal Erykah Badu and even performed with Lil' Kim in 2013.

7. Contessa Stuto

Controversial club kid Contessa Stuto is the Mother of the C**t Mafia Crew (alongside Cakes Da Killa and Quay Dash). Miss Mafia is often credited as the creator of the hybrid rap sub-genre “trap-metal”.

8. TT The Artist

This Baltimore beauty's song “P***y Ate” has become a feminist party anthem. A pioneer of Baltimore Club music, this rapper's influence on underground music is completely undeniable.

9. Lady

Lady's abrasive vocals might not be for everyone, but her unapologetically sexual music continues to inspire and provoke. Lady's been layin' low lately, but rumors of new releases are always on the horizon.

10. Rich White Ladies

Rich White Ladies are probably not rich and definitely not white, but their fast paced raps and well curated music videos are dripping in both irony and energy.

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