10 Stats That Prove Love Is Just A Con

How well do you know your partner? According to a press poll conducted by Bravo's new show Imposters, chances are you don't know him or her as well as you think. 

By Kat George

We're all just con-people, especially when it comes to blagging our way into through relationships. Bravo's Imposters, airing every Tuesday at 10/9c, knows that better than anything. The alter egos of the characters in Imposters might seem fanciful, but they aren't that far from reality. As it turns out, love is the greatest con of all. Here are ten stats from an Imposters press poll that prove it.

1. People Don’t Even Know Who They’re Dating

Of those surveyed, a huge 65% found out they were dating a “very different” person to whom they initially thought, with 73% of people ending relationships because of their discovery. There must be a lot of spies out there!

2. People Date The Wrong Person All The Time

Even if there wasn’t some big secret that revealed someone to be a different person, 49% of people said they have a tendency to date “the wrong person." So even if someone isn’t lying to you, you could be lying to yourself!

3. Everyone Is Suspicious

Over one in three believe that their partner is being dishonest about something, while four in ten wonder if their partner has another side to them. Didn’t we learn anything from Elvis Presley when he told us “We can’t go on together, with suspicious minds”?

4. Most People Wish They Could Just Get Away

As it turns out, a lot of people in relationships are just pretending to be happy, with a huge 60% admitting they often dream of escaping their life situation. These are 48% men compared with 37% women.

5. A Lot Of People Are Dishonest Themselves

While everyone’s worrying their partner is being dishonest, it turns out they're not innocent either. 51% of people admitted to keeping a secret from their partner, with almost one in four saying that secret was their feelings for another person. 56% of people say their secret is about their past, while 34% carry the secret of their own infidelity. So if your partner never really knows you, how can you really ever know them?

6. Everyone Is Still In Love With Their Ex

45% of people have a case of the ex, saying they had a partner they never fully got over after the end of the relationship. Which sucks for their new relationship--and the person they’re keeping their true feelings hidden from.

7. The Real Thing People Are Into Is “The Chase”

You might think you’re happily coupled, but really, it’s just the chase that people are addicted to--not the actual comfortable love part. 30% of men admitted to preferring the chase, while only 19% of women said they did.

8. Everyone Is Lying On The Reg

If you thought you and your partner were being honest, think again. Love is a long con, with nearly one in four people admitting to lying to their partner at least once a month.

9. The Person You Fall For Is An Impostor

In the early days of a relationship, people are generally projecting a person they think the other person will like. That is to say, not everyone is being themselves, so you might fall in love with someone who isn’t really there. 52% of people said in the early stages of a relationship they lied about their interests, while 36% lied about their hobbies, and 45% saying they’ve lied about “something” in the courting phase.

10. You Can, And People Do, Literally Just End A Relationship Without Notice

And the biggest con of all is that you can feel happy and safe in a relationship, and then it just ends without a word. More than one in five people say they’ve been “ghosted” with the same amount saying they’ve “ghosted” another person. How can love be real when people can just walk away without an explanation or communication?


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