10 Times Nicki Minaj Dropped It Like It's Hot... And We Loved It

Your anaconda don’t want none of this.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Nicki Minaj knows how to work it, whether she’s twerking, shaking or dropping it like it’s hot. Last night, Nicki and Beyonce gave fans plenty of eye candy while performing “Feeling Myself” for the first time. From mesmerizing your anaconda to going bang, bang bang, take a trip down Nicki’s best booty-shaking moments.

1. Feeling Myself

The queen bees of bootylicious joined forces for a live version of “Feeling Myself.” Slay.

2. Anaconda Don’t Want None 

Nicki copped a squat—in what would become an iconic pose--for her single “Anaconda.” 


3. Can You Handle It?

Too much junk in the trunk…even for Usher.

4. We Can’t Be Friends

Ladies. This is how you keep Drake in the friendzone.

5. Twerk It Out

How many calories does this burn?

6. God bless America

We will gladly salute this.

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7. Calendar Girl 

Nicki's 2015 calendar is 365 days of voluptuous goodness. How can we pick a favorite month? 

8. Got Milk?

Milk, in this case bathing in it, does Nicki's body good. 

Got milk? Bestbuy deluxe calendar with #ThePinkprint or get it here. http://nickiminaj.shop.bravadousa.com/

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9. Work It Out

Even Ellen tried to keep up with Nicki's workout. 

10. Meek Is Lucky

Nuff said. 

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