10 TV Shows & GIFs That Make You Miss The 90's

By Valerie Williams

The 1990’s were a golden age for TV sitcoms. For those of us lucky enough to grow up in this decade, there was no shortage of amazing must-see TV every weeknight. This was also before the dawn of the DVR where you had to actually watch the clock and gather around the television with your family (yes, even sitting through commercials) to see your favorites. There was something special about that aspect alone but the best part was the shows themselves, the likes of which we will probably never see again. Here are 10 TV shows to make you miss the 90's:


1. Friends

Can we talk about 1990’s TV without talking about Friends? Friends WAS the 90's! The Rachel haircut, Joey and his sandwiches, that amazing apartment that a few 20-somethings with spotty employment could never actually afford and the best coffee shop of all time that always had their couch "reserved." I can't pass up reruns of this show and I know I'm not alone. 

2. The X-Files

To this day, there are STILL people dying to see Mulder and Scully back together and to that end, a reboot of the show is in the works! David Duchovny was interviewed about it recently and said the script made him cry. The paranormal storylines and undeniable sexual tension between the lead characters made this show a must-watch then and I'm sure it will be again when it returns. Get excited everyone, this should be good.

3. Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa was by far the coolest teenage girl of the 90's. She had a bedroom window her adorable male best friend crawled through and the best wardrobe of all time. Plus, she was incredibly smart and an ace problem solver. I'm sure she instilled confidence in many a young girl while also being funny and relatable. This is one 90's show I plan to let my own kids watch because it's hilarious and its lessons are timeless.

4. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Is there a 90's kid who doesn't know every single word to the Fresh Prince theme song? And is there an adult now who doesn't bust out The Carlton every now and then while out drinking? I think not. When there's a string of reruns on TV, you just have to watch. 

5. Family Matters

Everyone has those fun TGIF memories huddled on the couch laughing at the antics of the Winslow family and their nerdy neighbor Steve Urquel. "Did I do that?" in his high-pitched squeal was a key catch phrase of the 90's and far outlived the show itself. Urquel’s trademark suspenders, not so much.

6. Saved By The Bell

Was it even a Saturday morning if you weren't eating your cereal and watching Zack and the gang scheme their way through high school? Between the neon-colored clothes and gigantic cell phones, this show WAS the early 90's. And we all loved every minute of it.

7. Blossom

Did you also own a collection of floppy hats with giant flowers on them so you could be as stylin' as Blossom and her best friend Six? Did you ever wonder why in the world a person would name their child after a number? Blossom gave us much to ponder including the appeal of one Joey Lawrence and his ubiquitous “Whoa!” The standards for 90's TV were a little looser than they are now, no question.

8. Seinfeld

Seinfeld is a cult classic and somehow, still completely relevant today. If you've never attempted the Elaine dance, came blazing into a room a la Kramer or yelled out "NO SOUP FOR YOU" then you were probably living under a rock the entire decade it was on. No one could escape Seinfeld back then -- and it was so fantastic, no one wanted to.

9. Full House

Did you grow up wishing all of your life lessons were accompanied by Danny Tanner’s calm voice and tinkly "I just learned something" music in the background? Sure you did! You also probably grew up with a crush on Uncle Jesse if you were a girl and a thing for DJ Tanner if you were a guy. This show is getting the reboot treatment too and honestly, I think it should be left alone. It was a masterpiece the first time and nothing will ever measure up. Unless they can get Michelle’s pink bunny wallpaper back. 

10. Boy Meets World

Corey and Topanga were the gold standard for a high school relationship and Mr. Feeney was obviously the best teacher ever. This show already got the reboot treatment with Corey and Topanga as the parents of a young teen. I doubt it comes close to the original but at least our kids can get a little taste of the amazingness that we got to experience in the first version!

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