13 Paranormal Photos & Videos That Will Literally Scare The Hell Out Of You


These eerily realistic sightings are the stuff of nightmares.

By Matt Muro

The time for decorative ghosts, goblins and a pumpkin or two to appear on doorsteps across the country is here. But “real” ghosts (plus sasquatches, spirits and demons) don’t care that it’s Halloween. While they’ve always come out to play—and terrorize—on their own schedules, it’s never been easier than it is in the modern cell phone era to capture their existence. Brace yourself for 13 eerily realistic sightings that will have your hair standing on end and give you nightmares tonight. 

1. The ghost of a child photographed in an abandoned elementary school.

2. A spirit walking into traffic in India.


3. Bigfoot sighting in Utah.

4. Ghostly figure in the Czech Republic.

5. Paranormal activity captured in a kitchen.

6. Poltergeist activity in the United Kingdom.

7. Woman captures entity in her bedroom.

8. Farmer captures video of alien creature.

9. Trap camera captures ghost.

10. Paranormal researcher captures video of a ghost possessing a man.

11. Hospital worker photographs spirit.

12. Ghost woman appears in parking lot.

13. Look hard at this one.

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