5 Animals Who Did Heroic Acts (This Will Make You Cry)

By Eric Shorey

What makes a hero? Is it courage? Is it determination? Or is it something else entirely? Those are the questions behind NBC's new series, Heroes Reborn, which debuts with a 2-hour premiere on Sept. 24 at 8/7c. But we have our own question: can adorable animals be heroes too?

The answer to that is: of course they can, are you crazy?! Here's 5 times animals acted as furry little saviors. Grab your box of tissues: this will make you cry (but it's OK, you can pretend you're just allergic to dogs).

1. Bretagne the 9/11 Rescue Dog

Bretagne (pronounced Britney, for some reason) is the last living search dog used during 9/11. She was recently awarded for her bravery on the 14th anniversary of the attacks with a full day of pampering and primping, organized by thankful New Yorkers.

2. The beluga whales who saved a drowning diver

During a free-diving excersize in a Chinese aquarium, one swimmer's leg cramped up. Luckily, the understanding belugas helped the poor woman by pushing her to the surface of the tank. Experts claimed that the belugas sensed the woman's distress and came to her aide out of sympathy.

3. The cat who saved a boy from a dog attack

Cats aren't exactly know for caring about their humans, but this ferocious feline popped off when the neighbor's dog attacked a little boy on the street. The cat was later rewarded by being asked to throw the first pitch at a minor league baseball game.

4. Binti, the gorilla who saved a boy at a zoo

After a toddler fell into an animal sanctuary at the Brookfield Zoo, Binti the gorilla protected the child from the more territorial apes in her enclosure. She even made sure the 3-year-old received medical attention before backing off.

5. Leia, the springer spaniel who saved a dolphin


Animal friends gotta help each other out too! According to a report from The Daily Mail, Leia spotted the beached baby dolphin and made “a right old fuss” until her owner dragged the struggling sea creature back to the water.

Make sure to tune into Heroes Reborn on Sept. 24 at 8/7c on NBC. Check out the trailer for the series, below!


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