5 Characters From '90s Movies Who Would Make the Best Boyfriends

Because the best boyfriends are on VHS.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Anyone who grew up during the '90s can tell you that it was a great decade for teen movies. From bad boys to swoon-worthy romantics, here are 5 movie characters who would make awesome boyfriends.

1. Josh From Clueless

Type: Josh was the quintessential hot older guy who you secretly harbored a crush on for three years. He had just enough attitude to make things interesting but wasn't enough of a jerk that he'd stand you up for a date.

Best match: Nerdy, quiet girls who read a lot, or shallow rich girls who need someone who can be real with them and help them grow.

His Idea of a Perfect Date: Going to see an indie film at a small theater, then making fun of it over Thai food.

What He'd Be Doing Today: Majoring in philosophy and blogging about how technology is ruining the world (or starring in Ant-Man, whatever).

2. Patrick from 10 Things I Hate About You

Type: He's pretty much the whole reason the Bad-Boy-With-a-Heart-of-Gold thing became so popular in the '90s.

Best Match: Confident feminists with high aspirations who like their boyfriends to be just as strong-willed as they are.

His Idea of a Perfect Date: Drinking heavily while watching live music, then making out in the alley afterwards. Also, maybe some vandalism, or setting things on fire, or singing to you in public. Spontaneity is the name of the game here.

What He'd Be Doing Today: Playing in a crappy band and taking random side jobs to pay rent. 

3.  Romeo from Romeo and Juliet

Type: Sensitive pretty boy with eyes you can drown in.

Best Match: Sensitive, intellectual girls who spend a lot of time reading in coffee shops.

His Idea of a Perfect Date: Spending the evening getting lost in each other's eyes over a romantic moonlit picnic by the lake. May or may not end in accidental mutual suicide.

What He'd Be Doing Today: Performing in local theater productions while trying to get his book of poetry published

4.   Zach from She's All That

Type: Seemingly shallow guy who really isn't that shallow after all.

Best Match: Artsy and/or intellectual girls who can challenge him.

His Idea of a Perfect Date: Keeping it simple with dinner and a movie. He wouldn't go for anything too showy, but he'd be genuine in trying to make sure you had a good time.

What He'd Be Doing Today: Real estate, if his football career didn't take off.

5. Chase from She's All That

Type: Class clown who's a really nice guy once you get to know him.

Best Match: Down to earth, girl-next-door type.

His Idea of a Perfect Date: Laser tag, mini golf, and the best burgers you've ever eaten.

What He'd Be Doing Today: Interning for Google and plotting how to take over the world with his start-up.

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