5 Excuses Women Always Make For Sh*tty Boyfriends

Stop making excuses for him!

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Your boyfriend is always traveling…and leaves you behind. Your boyfriend can’t return your text… because he’s in a dead cell zone. Your boyfriend forgot your birthday, but that’s okay, right? Newsflash: Your boyfriend sucks. We love to make excuses when our boyfriend--or any guy we like--acts like a total troll. Here are some of the most common ways we explain away his terribleness.

1. . He works hard for the money

Work is probably the number one excuse we give terrible boyfriends. Early meetings, late-night conference calls, and demanding bosses are all very real--and we love a man who’s ambitious--but if he wants to see you, he will make time. Period. No amount of work will keep a man from a woman that he loves. Stop blaming TPS reports for your lack of SEX.

2. . He's tired

After work, this is another favorite excuse we give guys. OMG he can’t take me out because he’s just so tired. When you want him to do something he doesn’t want to do, suddenly your strong and sexy man is a weakling who needs to be bedridden. Unless he legit has Ebola or a shark bit off his arm, save the chicken noodle soup. 

3. . “Tell MCI to cut the phone calls”

What to do when he doesn’t call you back or that text goes unanswered? Blame the cell phone company! Bad reception, unpaid phone bills, or a phone that miraculously stops working only when you call are the biggest excuses we give poor phone etiquette. 

4. . Bro time

It’s great that your boyfriend has friends, but what happens when he’d rather see his boys than you? The excuse that every man needs "bro time" can quickly turn into marathon games of Call of Duty and fantasy football. Amid stuffing his face with chicken wings and crude jokes, he soon forgets why he wanted a girlfriend in the first place.

5. . It’s not him, it’s you

The worst excuse for sh*tty boyfriend behavior is blaming yourself. We often point to our own insecurities (I’m too demanding, I’m not pretty enough, he can do better) when things don’t go right. Sometimes you just have to realize that your man is a terrible human being. He’d be terrible if he were dating Mother Teresa or Beyonce too. It’s not personal.

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