5 Movies to Stream When You're Feeling Nostalgic About the 80s

Blame Twitter, and the #Backinthe80s hashtag

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Twitter is good for many things: stalking celebrities, starting rap beefs, and making you feel nostalgic about decades past, among other things. This morning, #Backinthe80s was trending on Twitter, and if scrolling through the hashtag has you in the mood for the relive all things '80s, here are 5 movies you should fire up on Netflix.

1. Heathers 

Forget The Breakfast Club. Heathers is the classic dark '80s high school movie that should be at the top of your movies watchlist, if for no other reason than the style inspo alone.

2. Terminator 

Remember when of the most iconic '80s action heroes became the 38th governor of California and served two full terms? That was crazy.

3. Flashdance 

She's a welder by day and a stripper by night. Only in the '80s.

4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The 1986 movie that set the bar high for high school kids everywhere. Honestly, cutting class was never the same.

5. Top Gun

Fire up this 1986 classic to watch Tom Cruise play a cocky fighter pilot who spends the whole movie basically just getting on Val Kilmer's nerves. Plus, it's always nice to see Tom Cruise in his pre-couch jumping, pre-Going Clear days.

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