5 Perks To Being An Opinionated Woman

Besides the fact men prefer us the most (because cool but womp).

By Jazzi Johnson

Opinionated women tend to have a stereotype about them. They’re too argumentative or bossy; too picky or judgmental; or just too combative. What they really mean to say is too intimidating, rather than easy-going. 

But opinionated women, such as myself, have come a long way since these stereotypes began. Most of us tend to live with these false ideals embedded in our psyches, though they aren't representative of what others (re: men) actually think about us today.

In an experiment test last year entitled “A critical test of the assumption that men prefer conformist women and women prefer nonconformist men,” Dr. Hornsey and his team proved the opposite of our beliefs to be true. Most men prefer nonconformists in the same way women do. "Men preferred the more headstrong type,” according to eHarmony’s summary. "In another experiment, in which men and women engaged in an online chat about art preference, male participants preferred women who frequently disagreed with the group to those who deferred to others’ opinions."

But this isn’t only about men and women relations. In general, there are hundreds of perks to being an outspoken, strong-willed, opinionated woman— but here are five:

1. . Respect isn’t as difficult to come by.

When you’re someone who talks about their innermost personal thoughts and opinions as easily as pressing play on your favorite song, you're also more respected (even if it's subdued in hate). The respect typically comes from admiration. Some people dream about screaming their truths in a bar after too many drinks before a necessary cab ride home. For those who actually do, I’ll take another round for you.

2. . You meet more people and have more interesting conversations.

Opinions open up a world we often forget about: the one that we don’t exist in. You can be sitting directly next to someone who prefers Donald Trump, eats sushi with forks, and listens to Macklemore everyday on the way to work. And while all of those things may seem awful— you still may learn something from them. Like, how to tip a cow. And why tipping cows should be outlawed but never will. As long as the two (or three, or however many) can hold a conversation without resulting to violence, you too may be seasoned in the world of cow tipping.

3. . You have a powerful circle.

Seriously, who else could keep up with you on a daily basis besides others similar to you? A fiery firecracker who speaks how she feels and has facts to back it can be a lot for some. So it’s pretty safe to assume that all sharply opinionated women have a support system that’s just as badass as she is. It’s all about the law of attraction, baby.

4. . You’re a seasoned debater.

Opinionated women are the best at debates. And particularly if you’re in a male-dominated space, you’ll find that men yearn to pick your mind to see all that’s just floating and squatting and drifting away in there. Opinions open up room for debate, because even people with the same ideals disagree at one point or another— if not majorly. Learning how to effectively use your words to make your point is one of the most fulfilling perks of this lifestyle. Also, take note: using this skill in relationships is like a cheat code-- guaranteed success.

5. . You’re never afraid of admitting when you’re wrong.

When you’re opinionated, you also get used to being wrong sometimes. It’s all about trial and error. You learn when becoming too passionate is inappropriate, and when apologizing is and isn’t necessary. But you're also constantly challenging your opinions and growing on a daily basis. Opinionated women are always pushing the world forward with innovation because they push until they get pushed back… and then they push with a little bit more intent the next time. Check mate.

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