5 REAL Reasons To Be Thankful This Year

Not friends, not family. Missy Elliott.

By Eric Shorey

We're all about to gather round the table and begrudgingly enjoy a meal with our families who will be, in varying degrees, insufferable and adorable. While Racist Uncle Steven and drunk Aunt Mary prattle on about how the true things to be thankful for this season are family and friends, we all know that ain't the truth. Here are some real things to be thankful for this Holiday season.

1. The Return of Missy Elliott

We shared Missy's video the day it debuted and we've been basking in its glory ever since. It was certainly heartening to see the way the world came together to celebrate the triumphant revival of our favorite sassy spitter, but nothing will be better than when she finally drops a new album.

2. Transgender Visibility

We've been covering Laverne Cox's rise to Queen of All Art Forms and the ladies of Fuse's Transcendent, but nothing is nicer than seeing our trans brothers and sisters finally getting some much needed media attention.

3. Rihanna, In General

Few celebrities are as imminently enjoyable as RiRi. With her endless dancehall hits and penchant for badassery, Rihanna represents an entirely new paradigm of pop star: empowered, entrepreneurial, intelligent, and endlessly sexy.

4. Slutwalks (Amber Rose's In Paricular)

Superstars like Amber Rose are setting a great example for young feminists by happily embracing their promiscuity without shame. No one should be made to feel bad about their desires and it's wonderful to see an entire generation of young women (and men!) celebrating the joys of slutting.

5. BGC15

We loved the girls of BGC14 but we'll soon be getting a new batch of belligerent beauties. Taking inspiration from The Sisters Clermont, this time we've got an entire season of Twisted Sisters. 

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