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5 Things That Totally Sucked About The Golden Globes

In case you couldn’t sit through three hours of awkward moments and wrap music...

Hollywood award season is officially here. Last night, the 73rd Golden Globe Awards brought together the biggest names in film and television from Taraji P. Henson to Jennifer Lawrence. The show, which is often an indicator for Oscar contenders, had its hits and total misses. In case you couldn’t sit through three hours of awkward moments and wrap music, here’s what sucked about the Golden Globes.

1. .  Taraji P. Henson Speech Is Too Real

When Taraji P. Henson won the award for best actress in a TV drama, she used the opportunity to speak major truths on Hollywood and its typecasting of black actresses. "Hollywood Foreign Press, thank you. I mean, who knew that playing an ex convict would take me all around the globe. It just goes to show — I thought it would be Queenie...My character from Karate Kid — but it's Cookie, who spent 17 years in jail for selling crack.” What sucks is that much of the audience didn’t even realize her point and some viewers mistook her acceptance as arrogant or self-promoting. Read between the lines, people!

2..  Jennifer Lawrence Has No Chill

Pay attention to Jennifer Lawrence! No, seriously. The actress wagged her finger—literally—at a reporter who was on his phone during the post-awards press conference. “You can’t live your whole life behind your phone, bro. You gotta LIVE in the now.” When the French reporter confused the Oscars and the Globes, the actress corrected him, “We’re at the Golden Globes. If you put your phone down, you would know that.” For someone who’s tripped and gotten drunk at award shows, you’d think she’d have more of a sense of humor.

3..  Bleep Bleep Bleep

Host Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson had a back-and-forth moment onstage that was no doubt uncomfortable but whatever jokes there were fell flat…because we couldn’t hear them. The prolonged exchange was one of many bleeped for censorship. If it’s “too hot for TV,” don’t do it on TV.

4..  Annoying Wrap Music

Award shows are notoriously long but the Golden Globes has the most rushed timing ever. Nearly every winner was forced to keep their speeches short and winners like Ridley Scott and Taraji P. Henson called out their disdain for the teleprompter and wrap music. Please wrap?" Taraji asked. "Wait a minute. I waited 20 years for this. You gonna wait. Yeah, you gonna give me a little more time."

5..   Sylvester Stallone Forgets to Thank the Right People for Creed


Sylvester Stallone’s acceptance speech for his first-ever Golden Globe was touching. Sly won best supporting actor in a motion picture for Creed and thanked everyone including his fictional character Rocky Balboa and his agency (twice). “Most of all, I wanna thank my imaginary friend Rocky Balboa for being the best friend I ever had.” Two very important people he forgot to thank were the film’s director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan. Oops. Luckily, Ava DuVernay and others on Twitter remembered.

Sly realized his bad and rushed back onstage to apologize—during the commercials.



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