5 Women Got Into Huge Airplane Brawl Over Loud Music

And you know someone got it all on tape.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

There's nothing quite as annoying as being in a public space where someone is playing their music obnoxiously loudly. We've all been there, and we've all probably fantasized about maybe throwing a punch or two, or at least taking their phone and gleefully destroying it.

The L.A. Times reports that during a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles, a huge fight broke out between five women (yes, five) after two of them refused to turn down their music. Unsurprisingly, the ladies blasting the music were drunk at the time.

When other passengers asked the women to turn down the music, they responded like any reasonable adults would: by refusing, and then hoisting their speakers into the air and shouting "What are you going to do?"

Well, kick your a**, apparently. A huge fight broke out mid-flight; hair was pulled and punches were thrown. Fellow passengers and the flight crew had to break it up the women, and airport police met them upon landing, where no one was charged.

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