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50 Cent Got Destroyed By Taraji P. Henson and Vivica A. Fox During Another IG War

And the casts of Empire and Power joined in for one big mess, and 50 even made some homphobic remarks.

When will 50 Cent learn? Ever since he started comparing his Starz show Power to FOX's Empire, he's been causing a firestorm on social media between himself and its leading actors. Well finally, he may have been shut down for good... but don't quote me on that. 

Just earlier this month, he was shut down by Taraji P. Henson after insulting his ex and supporting role actress on Empire, Vivica A. Fox. In fact, both of them got at him—good! 

Well, this week he's back to his antics. In yet another 50-orchestrated beef that no one cares about, Taraji had to step out of her happy place and respond to the professional troll, once again. Following the season 3 premiere of her show, and the Season 3 finale of his, 50 had some more very insulting words to share.

Implying that Empire isn't doing too well this season around, he screenshotted a pic of an article titled, "'Empire' Viewers Go Ghost, Season 3 Premiere Ratings Down" and offered Taraji the sympathy of "look[ing] on the bright side."

Quickly setting the record straight that, in fact, Empire is still the number one scripted show on television— she also took the high road by congratulating "Loose Change" on his success.

But clearly Vivica A. Fox is waaay more annoyed by the whole ordeal, referring to 50 as a "b*tch ass n****," commenting with more expletives than you may be ready to read on any given morning. Still, she got her point across.

And the argument was far from over. Jussie Smollet, lead actor and singer on Empire, chimed in as well with more than one truth bomb. "What I don't respect is how detrimental you don't even realize (or perhaps you don't care) you are. There are sisters and brothers dying every single day at the hands of police officers, racists, and at the hands of each other..." He points out his equal love for Naturi Naughton (of 50 Cent's show Power) and how this isn't a war between actors. "You've never heard me disrespect a woman not once. I hold up Taraji... just as I hold up @naturi4real." Read the rest below.


Of course, 50 Cent wouldn't let up the opportunity to respond. He writes "I can't hear you" (like a 5-year-old), and "taunts" him by placing a photo of Jussie's character, Jamal, engaged in a kiss with his character's partner from the show. The only way to read into this is an act of homophobia because well, how is this a diss exactly? Weird.

You thought that was the end? Taraji followed Jussie's example and sent her love to Naturi as well, echoing "I will NEVER let any NEGATIVITY come between the LOVE I have for my sisters!!!"

And in typical a-hole fashion, 50 ended it by saying the debate between he and "Cookie" turned him on, while still making room to insult the show at the same time.  

You'd think that with the drama he caused on his own show, he wouldn't have time to try to debate someone else's. Mind you-- as a fan of both-- neither of these shows resembles the other at all. 50 and this debate just keeps irking my soul. I'm glad to see that the pushback is so serious.

h/t Bossip

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