6 Celebrities Who Look Hot In The Winter

Some bold looks for the next #Blizzard2016

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

After this weekend’s #Snowzilla blizzard—which turned most of the country into a winter wonderland—it’s official, winter is here. Usually winter means dreary, bulky coats and unflattering snow boots. Lucky for us, our favorite celebrities show us how to look hot even in cold weather. 

1. Beyonce: Say Yes To The Beanie 

Stay cozy and stylish in a knit beanie like Beyonce.

2. Jennifer Hudson: Cover Your Ears

Jennifer Hudson knows how to retain body heat without messing up her hair with these cuddly earmuffs.

3. J-Lo: Just A Touch Of Fur

If you’re not ready to go full fur, try a touch of the trend with fur-trimming like Jennifer Lopez.

4.  Rihanna: All The Fur

Faux fur is all the rage this season. Don’t be afraid to go daring with a colorful fur like Rihanna.

5. Kendall in Kors

Kendall Jenner kills it while modeling a long fur for Michael Kors.

6. Kim Kardashian: Go Gold

Ditch the boring drab pea coat for a colorful jacket like Kim Kardashian.

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