6 GIFs That Make Us Want To See 'Jurassic World'

It's been 22 years since the original Jurassic Park. Since then, not only have special effects come a long way but Chris Pratt has morphed from pubescent boy to world-famous heartthrob. Here are six GIFs that make us want to stand in line at the cinemaplex. 

1. Chris Pratt Looks Badass On A Motorcycle

Enough said.


Special effects have improved greatly since the 1991 original. 

3. Dinosaurs Love Sex

In fact, Chris says they only care about two things: food and sex.

4. Stuff like this happens. 

Kids, do not hold on to your mommies. 

5. Chris Pratt Tells Dinos To “Stand Down”

The bravery! Although, are those merely babies he's addressing?

6. The shark who steals the show? 

Or maybe it's a whale? Whatever, we're intrigued! 


Watch the trailer for Jurassic World below. 


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