7 Compliments That Aren't Really Compliments At All

Saying I'm "not like those other girls" is actually not cute, like at all.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Look - everyone loves compliments. They're the perfect surprise pick-me-up that can turn your whole mood around.

That being said, no matter how sweet they may seem at first, some compliments actually aren't compliments at all, when you think about it. Here are 7 statements that may sound like compliments but are actually pretty messed up.

1. . You're not like other girls.

Now this one's a classic. Just about every woman has heard this one at some point in their life. But here's the thing - statements like these imply that most girls aren't funny or fun or whatever they're trying to say you are, which is, of course, total hogwash. Insulting women as a whole to lift me up isn't flattering.

2. . You look so good. Have you lost weight?

Even if I have lost weight, how bad did you think I looked before? If you're trying to make someone feel good, it's a good idea to leave their weight out of it. You're reinforcing the idea that women need to lose weight to be attractive, which is messed up enough on its own but is even more harmful if the woman you're talking to has body image issues or even an eating disorder. Fat doesn't equal unattractive, and women can slay at any weight.

3. . You're so pretty for a black/tall/plus size girl.

This should go without saying, but no. Just don't ever say this. If you usually think black/tall/whatever girls are unattractive, then you're probably a terrible person who should keep their gross opinions to themselves.

4. . Wow, you are so brave for wearing that.

Sure, sometimes this one really is said by a friend who genuinely admires your confidence, but often this "compliment" is used by frenemies who can't believe that someone with your body type is actually going to walk outside of the house dressed in something other than a giant paper sack. Don't undermine someone's confidence - tell them they look hot and leave it at that.

5. . It's so cool that you're into video games. You don't look like you would be.

Every nerdy girl has heard this one a million times. It's not cute. Women like comic books/cosplay/science fiction too - get over it.

6. . You look so good without your glasses!

Um, thanks? Glad to know that I usually look like crap, I guess.

7. . Anything yelled from a car window.

I don't care - you could be saying that I have a kind heart and great taste in shoes, but if you yell it at me from a car window, it stops being a compliment.
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