7 Foods That You Need To Try Spiralized

Veggies and fruits get squiggly makeover.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Remember the Spirograph? Like the beloved throwback toy, everything is better when made squiggly. Spiralizing is the hot food trend that turns veggies and fruits into spiral noodles for healthy meals and snacks. With one spiral slicer, nearly everything can be turned into delicious (and low carb!) noodles.

Here are seven foods you need to try spiralized this summer.


If there's an introductory spiral veggie, it's zucchini. The humble vegetable, usually reserved for soups or boring bread, makes for a hearty noodle (or "zoodle") with just the right texture. Top with pesto, marinara or any sauce and dig in.


If you like spaghetti squash, you'll love spiralized squash. The nutty vegetable makes for a great noodle substitute that vegans and non-vegans will love.

Sweet Potato


Low carb dieters usually run from all potatoes except the sweet potato. Luckily, this high fiber vegetable makes for an awesome noodle. Pair with a protein and you've got a filling and bikini-friendly dinner.



Potatoes are awesome. Noodles are awesome. What happens when roasted potatoes are the main ingredient in a bowl of noodles? Magic. Plus, one potato goes a long way in noodle form, so you're really getting a lot of starch for your buck. 



An apple a day can get boring really fast. Spiralizing gives an interesting texture and  slashes the prep time for recipes like apple crumble.

Cucumbers and Radishes


Ever wonder how restaurants make their vegetables so darn cute? Spiralizing cucumbers and radishes into ribbons creates beautiful salads and instant garnishes.


When it's too hot to cook, a raw spiralized salad is the way to go. Beets make for a great noodle base. Try a colorful and crunchy salad like this mandarin and beet recipe from Skinny Taste.

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