7 Predictions For The Judges On The New Season Of 'The Voice'

Prepare for season 11 to be another inspiring, emotional ride.

It’s September again and you know what that means. The Voice, now in its 11th season, is due to start again—on Sept. 19 at 8/7c to be exact. So clear your schedule, and set your DVR (because you’re going to want to go back over some of the performances, and definitely on the drama!), and prepare for yet another inspiring, emotional ride. With all new contestants, the season is sure to be as suspenseful as ever, as the judges discover a whole new trove of untapped talent. But the contestants aren’t all that are new. With Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera departing, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus are taking their seats as new judges. What will that mean for The Voice? What can we expect from the judges this season? Here's some predictions. 

1. Blake will secretly miss Gwen

After flirting and falling in love on The Voice, the departure of girlfriend Gwen Stefani from the show’s team will surely be felt by the smitten Blake. We’re sure he’ll hide it well—he’s a professional, of course—but we predict that somewhere inside, Blake will surely be missing his sweetheart.

2. Miley will use her "voice" for political activism

Miley’s an advocate for social change, and in the past has used her spotlight to be a voice for those who might not otherwise have one. In 2014, she took homeless youth, Jesse Helt, as her date to the MTV VMAs, and in 2015, she performed at the VMAs with a team of trans dancers, being a loud advocate for the LGBTQI community. We predict that this season Miley will be using her new platform to raise even more awareness by making some much needed political statements!

3. Alicia will rock the au nautrale look

Of late, Alicia Keys has been known for her low key looks. Which, by the way, she’s totally pulling off. The yummy mummy hasn’t been prescribing to the media’s overly perfected female stereotypes, and is instead choosing to be herself—which is super beautiful regardless. With natural locks and a makeup free look, we're thinking this season of The Voice will see Alicia Keys bring more of her earthy minimalism to the screen.

4. Miley will have some wild outfits

Miley is pretty much the opposite of Alicia when it comes to her looks. Avant garde, racy, and definitely individual, we’re predicting Miley will be bringing some truly wild ensembles to The Voice set.

5. Adam will beef with Miley

With reports circulating that Miley and Adam Levine haven’t exactly been getting along, we're thinking there might be some tensions on stage. We’re hoping the two will sort out any problems before the show starts—we love happy, friendly judges. Although a few snarky asides never went astray...

6. Alicia and Miley will be besties

As rumours swirl around Adam and Miley’s brewing beef, there have also been reports that Miley and Alicia have become fast friends. We're hoping to see this friendship blossom this season. After all, women have to stick together, and we’re getting tired of the media narrative that pits women against each other.

7. The Adam-Blake bromance will continue

In the spirit of friendship, we’re also looking forward to watching the Adam-Blake bromance continue. The two have been the longest sitting judges on The Voice and so have created a special, unbreakable man bond. We don’t think their love story is ending any time soon... 



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