7 Reasons Friend Breakups Are The Worst Kind

Nothing is more painful than falling out with someone you used to be best friends with.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Friend breakups are the absolute worst, and they happen for all types of reasons. Sometimes it's the stuff of major reality TV drama that causes two people to go their separate ways, but a lot of the time it's just a matter of growing apart or falling out of touch. Here are seven reasons losing a good friend is one of the most painful things anyone can go through.

1. They know you better than anyone.

So when you fight, they know just what to say to get under your skin.

2. Seriously - they know you better than anyone.

So when they go, they leave a hole in your heart. There's no other way to describe it: it just sucks.

3. Friend breakups leave a gaping hole in your social life.

Who am I going to have platonic "netflix and chill" hangouts with now?

4. Have you ever had to divide up mutual friends?

This must be what divorce feels like.

5. Seeing them again is the height of awkwardness.

We used to be friends. And now we're not. But we still see each other all the time. Awkward much? Not to mention painful. 

6. It's harder to make new friends as an adult.

Guess I'll just be alone forever now.

7. Friends are supposed to be forever.

Men may come and go, but friends are expected to stick around through life's ups and downs. When friendships end, it hurts in a way that's totally unlike anything else.
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