7 Simple Ways to Unintentionally Drive Your Date Away

Don't bring up the ex. 

By Khalea Underwood

Swoon. You’re sitting across from what appears to be the most perfect guy or gal on the face of the earth. After a few days of touch-and-go texting, social media followbacks and an awkward phone conversation, you’re finally on a real date with a real human being, which gave you a real reason to get all dolled up and spend big bucks on a lil dress. You’re looking good and feeling confident – the foolproof combination for a second date, which will lead to a third, which will eventually lead to a marriage proposal (!). Slow your role, sweetheart. While you should feel empowered to be your true self on dates, there are a few early-on deal breaking crimes that could nip the relationship in the bud before it has a chance to blossom. 

1. Open Up the Ex Files

If you’re just getting to know a potential partner, save your war stories for a later date. Be clear: you should know what you’re getting into (and what they’re getting out of!). But those conversations typically come a little bit later, and should be had in a more private setting. Enjoy the moment between the two of you, and let the past stay in the past…for now.

2. Break Out the Crazy Makeup

Kudos to you if you spent hours beating your face to perfection, or manipulating your strands to an Instagram-worthy waterfall braid. However, scale back on dramatic makeup and elaborate hairstyles for now. There’s a way to show off your personal style without making it into a photo shoot. And later on, if he or she can’t handle you at your Jungle Red, then they don't deserve you at your Ruby Woo.

3. Get Super Duper Drunk

Whatever you do, don’t blame it on the alcohol. Yes, technically, you might be drinking on someone else’s dime. There’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine to relax beforehand, or a quick shot for a boost of encouragement. Just don’t go crazy with the cocktails. You’re supposed to be presenting your best self, not your sloppier side. Plus, the drunk date regrets are real. 

4. Proudly Stalk His Or Her Social Media

There are few noble people who are able to abstain from social media stalking. The stealthiest of that elite group can lurk without a trace. Don’t blow your cover! Try not to be the girl who gets caught slipping in mentions how adorable a #TBT baby pic is…one from 163 weeks ago. 

5. Talk About Your Many, Many Other Dates

Even though your Hinge, Tinder and OkCupid accounts may have been booming, try to keep that fact mum if you're on a date with someone you actually like. First dates are all about play-acting. You want your date to pretend that you're the only person who matters on the face of the earth, so why not offer the same courtesy? Plus, why would you want to clue them in on their competition?! They already know you’re in demand.

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