7 Things Your Dog Does When You're Not Home

Pets have secret lives. Here's what some of them are doing when you're not at home. 

By Kat George

In The Secret Life of Pets (coming to theaters July 8), we see what dogs, cats, and other domestic creatures do when left alone by their humans. In reality, our pets might not be able to speak, and probably don’t have quite so grand adventures, but they certainly do get up to stuff when we’re not around. You didn’t think man’s best friend would just lay there doing nothing all day, did you? Here are some dogs who use the most of their alone time...

1. Play the piano


This dog’s humans were getting noise complaints from their neighbors, only problem was, they weren’t at home making the noise. So they set up a nanny cam to find out what wild parties their pooch was throwing while they were out of the house, to find that the dog had been practicing its singing and piano skills!

2. Watch TV


Who doesn’t like vegging out in front of the TV when home alone? This dog lies so close to the telly its eyes are bound to turn square, but its human isn’t there to tell it off. Meanwhile, the lazy pup also seems to have some choice words for the show it’s watching...


3. Seriously though, watching TV

... Which is something The Secret Life Of Pets NAILS.

4. Eating the leftovers


This clever beagle manages to pull a chair from the kitchen table to the counter, and use it to hop up, and extract left overs from the toaster. Which it then eats. We hope this dog’s human wasn’t planning on eating whatever that was when they got home!

 5. Just have the best time ever

Your dog could be doing something clever or cute when you leave the house, or it could just be having the best time ever, like this dog. His cat friend is clearly not impressed.

6. Putting your things on the floor for you


Dachshund 1: “Our human needs this blanket on the floor.”

Dachshund 2: “Let’s help!”

Dachshund 1: *Pulls blanket on the floor*

Dachshund 2: “Our work here is done.”

7. Waiting patiently for you to come back

The most adorable thing your dog can do when you leave? Wait patiently by the door to come back, and absolutely exploding with happiness the moment you walk back in. Further proof as to why dogs—like this adorable Pomeranian—are the greatest.

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