7 Times Kim Kardashian Was An Amazing Mom

By Valerie Williams

The world loves to hate on Kim Kardashian. Whether it’s her “internet-breaking” butt photos, “krazy” family (see what I did there?) or ostentatious lifestyle with husband Kanye “Imma Let You Finish” West, Kim has always been a rather polarizing figure. Of course, becoming a mother gave everyone one more reason to dissect her behavior and to that end, I don’t think she’s gotten a fair shake. People like to make their judgments of her parenting based on social media and the little snippets we see as she goes about her life surrounded by paparazzi. They get mad at her for posting photos of North. They get mad when she DOESN’T post photos of North. The poor girl literally can’t win. Now that Kim is pregnant with her second child, I thought I’d point out the times she showed the world that she’s actually an amazing mother to her adorable little girl, North West.

1. The time she lovingly decorated North’s nursery

Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

What new mom can’t relate to the love Kim must have felt while creating the perfect nursery for her first baby? Sure, it’s a little over-the-top but would we expect anything less? It’s Kim Kardashian – of course it’s opulent. But at the end of the day, she was just another new mom excited to create a beautiful place for her baby girl to sleep.

2. When she defended herself as a parent on Twitter

It is completely unfair for the public to judge Kim’s parenting based on North’s presence (or absence) on social media but of course, people do it anyway. Kim took to Twitter to stand up for herself and tell off a jerk who suggested she didn’t spend enough time with North based on photos of her out at night attending husband Kanye’s shows. She told him off beautifully and defended her own honor as North’s proud mom! 

3. When she took North to the front row at Fashion Week

Credit: Getty

Kim took a lot of heat for having North attend this very grown-up event, especially when she kicked up a toddlerly fuss and upset Anna Wintour but to me, Kim taking North is an expression of love. Aside from her family, nothing matters to Kim more than fashion. By bringing North with her to Fashion Week, she was showing her little girl a big part of her world and including her in it. I thought it was incredibly sweet.

4. The time she got North’s face painted at a farm

Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Could this be any more quant and motherly? She took North to a FARM you guys. Granted, she probably came with a cadre of nannies and assorted help, but still. She easily could have hired people to come to her mansion and paint North’s face but she’s giving her daughter a fun farm experience. Nice job, Kim!

5. When she took a cute picture of North bonding with her Daddy

Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim is like any other devoted mom capturing moments of their kids bonding with their dads during something as mundane as a car ride. Look at North’s happy face – does she look like a kid with neglectful parents? I say not.

6. When she created the mother of all Easter baskets for North

Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Look at all those craft materials! Sure, Kim has the money to do basically ANYTHING she wants, but check her out making cute little Easter projects for her baby and probably, her sister Kourtney’s adorable kiddos too. Her devotion to making North’s childhood magical is clear to anyone with eyes!

7. The time she let North be her make-up artist 

Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

I’m sorry, but this might be the most adorable photo in all of the world. Look at how Kim gazes at her baby girl and gasp at North’s chubby little hands! If the world cannot see the love Kim has for this child they are blind and choosing to be hateful for no reason. We love you, Kim. You and your daughter are precious together!


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