7 Trends That Only Look Good On Instagram

Some looks just don't work in real life.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Some beauty trends are fun to experiment with but tricky to work into your everyday look—unless you're a glamour goddess, in which case, go you. But let's just admit it right now: most of us, at some point or another, have tried out a beauty trend that, in hindsight, had no chance of looking good in real life. From glitter roots to Kylie-lips, here are seven looks that you might want to consider leaving on the 'gram.

1. . Rainbow Freckles

It basically looks like paint splattered very delicately onto your cheeks. Great for fun selfies, not so great for like, any regular activities.

2. . Flower Crowns

If you're not going to a festival or other type of outdoor party or even walking down the aisle as a flower girl in a wedding, flower crowns can look a little bit out of place. Works on social media though! 

3. . Glitter Eyebrows

Glitter eyebrows make you look like a mythological creature and I'm totally here for it. It's just hard to pair it with, like, jeans and a T-shirt.

4. . Glitter Roots

Two words: unicorn dandruff. God forbid you scratch your head.

5. . Glitter Lips

Basically, anything having to do with glitter is not going to work out in person.

6. . Overlined Lips

You may be able to get away with it in pictures, but in person? It just looks like your hand slipped. Only attempt overlined lips if you're going to be hanging out in very dim lighting.

7. . Fake, Dramatic Lashes

Lashes have the power to totally take your look from basic to bombshell, but, as with so many dramatic beauty trends, it all depends on the rest of your look.

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