8 Super Specific Dating Apps You Wish Existed

There's already a pot dating app. So why not a Hogwarts app? 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

There's someone out there for everyone, and with new dating apps debuting all the time, there are more ways than ever to find that special someone. Apps like "HighThere," created to connect pot enthusiasts, are cool and everything, but there's still so much untapped potential here. Here are 8 dating apps we really wish someone would invent already.

1. . A Dating App For Awkward Introverts

Tagline: "I'm awkward. You're awkward. But our date doesn't have to be."

2. . An App That Pairs People Up Based On Their Hogwarts House

Look, Harry Potter defined a generation. An app that finds you a match based on things like your Hogwarts house and favorite HP characters and books would be everything book nerds ever dreamed of.

3. . A Dating App For Foodies

You can bond over being food snobs and hating chain restaurants.

4. A Real Netflix & Chill App

We all know what it means, but wouldn't it be nice if your date really did just want to watch movies and hang out? The app would be full of liars, of course, but it'd be worth a shot.

5. . An App That Finds You A Concert Buddy

For those moments when you want to go to a concert, but your friends suck and you don't want to go alone. It'll be a match made in music heaven.

6. . An App That Pairs You Up Based On Your Netflix Account

Because if you're going to judge me for giving Animal Odd Couples a five star rating, this is never gonna work.

7. . An App That Tells You The Last Time They Spoke To Their Ex, And What Was Said

Gotta know what you're getting into, right?

8. A "Is He REALLY A Nice Guy?" App

Because we all know there's a difference between a "nice guy" and a guy who's actually nice. If he calls himself a nice guy but gets pissy when you don't invite him up for coffee, he's not that nice after all -- and it'd be nice to review his star rating before you bother.
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