9 Weird AF Easter Treats You Can Make At Home

Sushi made out of peeps? Zombie Easter bunnies? If you're looking for something interesting (and let's be honest, kind of gross) to make on Sunday, then look no further.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It's that time of year again. 'Tis the season for sickeningly cute bunny crafts, angel food cupcakes with pastel frosting, and totally morbid Easter Eggs, if you're into that sort of thing. If you're sick and tired of DIY-ing traditional desserts, here are 9 Easter-themed foods that are probably right up your alley.

1. . Peeps Sushi

If you've ever eaten sushi and thought "Wow, this would taste so much better if it was made out of Peeps and candy," then you may be a freak of nature, but you're totally in luck. "Peepshi" is the meeting of two foods that should never, ever have met, but thanks to the internet we now know what would happen if they did. At least there's no actual fish in it.

2. . Zombie Easter Bunnies

If there's one thing this holiday needs, it's zombie animals. Sure, it's dark and morbid, but at least it's a change from the neverending parade of pastel we usually get this time of year. You could probably totally DIY this with a tube of red icing and a creative eye.

3. . Deviled Easter Eggs

Technically, it's not that weird; it's just deviled eggs with a little food coloring. It's a creative spin on an old favorite. Still, there's just something about seeing a pink or blue (or worse, green) boiled egg that makes my stomach recoil in horror.

4. . Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

There is such a thing as looking too realistic. It's cheesecake so it's probably delicious, but I don't think I'd be able to get over feeling like I'm slurping up actual raw egg from a chocolate bowl.

5. . Peeps Popcorn

My teeth hurt just looking at this picture. As peep sushi taught us, some things just shouldn't be combined. 

6. . Edible Bird's Nest

It probably tastes just fine, but let's be real: it looks like an actual mound of dirt with bird eggs in the middle. The realism here is a little unsettling, but I'd probably still eat it.

7. . Deviled Eggs Bunny Feet

Easter means chopping off the feet of a bunny and eating them as an appetizer - or at least, pretending you did.

8. . Zombie Easter Eggs

Kinda gross? Absolutely. It's also the best idea ever.

9. . Peeps On The Cross

Now this? This is just wrong.
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