A Girl Used Her Boyfriend's Balls As A Beauty Blender And Twitter Lost It

But did her makeup turn out flawless or nah?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

When it comes to beauty hacks, you probably think you've seen it all. Replacing your makeup sponges with rolled up socks. Dying your hair with Nutella. Even butt contouring had a moment last year. Still, when it comes to unorthodox makeup hacks, Johnna Hines just blew everyone else out of the water.

The 18-year-old Hines got inventive with her makeup application techniques recently and in the process became a living legend, for better or for worse. In a moment of pure creative genius or absolute madness, Hines eschewed her traditional beauty blender in favor of her boyfriend's scrotum.

Hines shared the story of how her tongue-in-cheek makeup hack came to be during an interview with Buzzfeed this week. According to Hines, it all started when she was hanging out and being silly with her boyfriend Damon Richards one day. As a joke, Richards "started putting his balls on" her head, at which point Hines, who was doing her makeup at the time, joked about using his junk as a beauty blender.

What started out as a joke became all too real when the two decided to actually try it out and record their litte experiment, later sharing it online for the world to see. Because why not?

The 14-second clip has been making the rounds online ever since, quickly going viral, and basically the entire world is shook. Reactions range from general amusement to absolute disgust, but one thing's for sure — just about everyone who's seen the video has something to say about it.

As for the negative feedback, Hines isn't the least bit bothered by it, telling Buzzfeed, "I've gotten a lot of negative reactions but it doesn't bother me much because the amount of positive things people are saying to me make it worth it."

"I'm getting DM after DM from girls telling me I'm inspiring for being so carefree and confident and so many people love how comfortable my boyfriend and I are together, it feels really good TBH," she continued.

If there's one lesson anyone who wears makeup can take from this, it's this: if you ever lose your beauty blender, don't even trip — just ask your boyfriend to drop trou and help a sister out (or brother, because guys can be obsessed with getting their foundation perfect too).

If you're dying to see Hines' video, which already has over 38k likes, you can check it out here.

[Photo: Instagram]

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