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A New Nickelodeon Cartoon Features Married Gay Interracial Dads

"This is it! Time to make history!"

The debate over the importance of LGBT representation rages on. While Pixar modestly placed what might have been a lesbian couple in Finding Dory, Nickelodeon has upped the ante by prominently featuring a married interracial gay couple in an episode of Loud House.

From Entertainment Weekly: "Clyde McBride’s parents, Harold and Howard, are a gay, interracial married couple in the series ...The characters will be voiced by comedians Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald. Loud House, currently in its first season, follows Lincoln Loud, who struggles being the only boy in a family where he is outnumbered by his 10 sisters. Clyde McBride is one of Lincoln’s friends."

The first scene featuring the loving dads has been shared enthusiastically on social media:

"This is it! Time to make history!" says the protagonist into the camera winkingly before introducing the new characters, who seem endearingly neurotic and appropriately protective.

Although the reactions to the video have been largely positive so far, just give it a few days until the predictable pattern of backlash met with backlash against backlash rears its ugly head.

Nonetheless, cartoons are getting queerer. And that's a great thing!


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