Amber Rose Says If You Wear Your Makeup Like This, You're A Hoe

But hoe is life!

By Aimée Lutkin

Amber Rose has got a lot of tips for us all on Instagram, including a wing tip:

Facts! 🙄#hoeislife #amberroseslutwalk #october2017

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Yes, according to Rose, if you wear eyeliner like that, you are a hoe. But I’m pretty sure she means that as a compliment. Amber Rose is very outspoken about how women are judged based on what they wear, standing firmly on the side of “wear whatever you want.” She has led the Los Angeles Slut Walk, and even captioned this bizarre meme with “Facts! #hoeislife #amberroseslutwalk #october2017.”

It is strange how many men want to let a woman know that he is judging her appearance and deciding if she’s worth treating well based on something as arbitrary as eyelid color. You know it washes off, right? But even if it didn’t, no one should be calling you a hoe or a slut because you know how to work that liquid eyeliner.

😊 #amberroseslutwalk2017

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If that pisses you off, you know where to go. October 2017, you can parade down the street next to the proudest hoe on the block, Amber Rose. She makes flipping off the patriarchy look real good.

🙌🏽 @omightyshop #SlutWalk2017

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