Andre 3000 Insinuated That Drake Doesn't Write His Own Lyrics

He had to do it on somebody else's album, though.

By Aimée Lutkin

Move over Meek Mill, there are other rappers who want to shade Drake, and they probably have a better shot at it than you. If you’re interested in music at all, then you know we’ve all been living in desperate anticipation of Frank Ocean’s new album, Blond, and it’s finally, finally out. So, what’s the hot goss?

Well, Andre 3000 did a verse with the lyrics:

"After 20 years in /

I’m so naive I was under the im-pression that everyone wrote they own verses /

It’s comin’ back different and yea that shyt hurts me /

I’m hummin’ and whistlin’ to those not deserving /

I’m stumbled and lift every word, was I working just way too hard?"

He could of course be talking about anybody, but since Meek Mill tried to start some sh*t by accusing Drake of not writing his own lyrics, all eyes will probably be turning Drizzy’s way. Does Drake write his own verses? The world will likely never know, but considering how basic they are on Views, it would be a little absurd to pay somebody for this:

“Yeah, okay, you like it

When I get, aggressive, tell you to

Go slower, go faster

Like controlla, controlla

Yeah, like controlla, controlla.”

Don’t get me wrong, "Controlla" is an awesome song, but it probably didn’t take an ultra-secret wordsmith to come up with those lines. I’m just going to enjoy both albums and let these guys fight it out amongst themselves.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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