Are You Feeling Vin Diesel's New Dad Bod?

Vin Diesel is looking a little less toned these days, but it's kinda working for him. #LeaveVinAlone

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Can Vin Diesel live, please? The Furious 7 star is getting a ton of heat for a few paparazzi photos that have been making the rounds, but the reason for the attention is pretty ridic. In the photos, Vin can be seen hanging out on a balcony, smoking a cigarette. He has full on dad bod, with a noticeable pot belly. He basically looks like a normal guy and not someone who stars in movies like xXx.

Let's add some context here: Vin Diesel is 48 years old. He's married with three kids. He's starred in dozens of movies, and that's just in The Fast and The Furious franchise. If he wants to take a break from maintaining his six-pack and working out five hours a day, then more power to him. It's not even a bad look on him; Vin made his first press appearance for his latest film, The Last Witch Hunter, yesterday, and he looks just fine.

Body acceptance is a mainstream movement these days, with more and more female celebrities speaking openly about the pressure they feel to maintain a certain appearance. Not only that, but it's become less acceptable to criticize famous women for their bodies. Let's apply that same standard to men, too, and #LeaveVinAlone.

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