Ayesha Curry Stepped In When Her Look-Alike Was Being Body-Shamed On Twitter

Twinning goals.

By Aimée Lutkin

A woman named Amanda Palmer went viral last week, according to BET, when a man posted a photo of her with the caption “AyEatcha Curry.”


Palmer does resemble Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA MVP Stephen Curry, but she’s a bit more voluptuous. People immediately came for the tweeter, ragging on him for body-shaming Palmer, who is gorgeous.

Hmm, but it seems like this guy really hates women?

The tweet eventualy caught the attention of Palmer, who responded, “Nope. It's actually Amanda Parker. @ me next time.”

Beautiful, and she has a sense of humor? What a combo.

At this point, Twitter was erupting with people applauding Parker and hating on the troll who insulted her. It eventually worked itself up into such a froth that Ayesha Curry herself felt the heat. She wrote on Twitter, “If people want to call us twins, I’m here for this. @AmandaaParkerr is gorgeous! I feel lucky to be your unofficial twin.”

Well, great for both of them! Whenever someone tells me I look like someone else, I know I’m about to be insulted. Neither Palmer nor Ayesha have anything to complain about with these comparisons.

[Photo: Twitter]

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