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Azealia Banks Drops Unreleased Track "Blossom" About Lesbian Romance

Despite Banks constantly courting controversy with LGBTs, the new song is overtly gay.

It's easy to quip that Internet super villain Azealia Banks is more famous for her hateful social media buffoonery than she is for her music. Sure, that's probably true at this point. But when Banks finally does get around to dropping tracks, they tend to be amazing.

This is certainly the case with her latest song, titled "Blossom." Technically, "Blossom" was supposed to come out when Broke With Expensive Taste debuted in late 2014, but the track was left off the final album for whatever reason.

Banks quietly announced the release of the new song, produced by Oak, with a pair of Instagram posts that suggested that the jam was unintentionally leaked:

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