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Azealia Banks Had Some Crazy Ish To Say About The Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma Beef

And was Azealia part of the reason "Shether" exists?

The rivalry between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma exploded over the weekend when Remy Ma dropped her scathing diss track "ShETHER," and as the world waits for a response diss track that may never come, everyone is weighing in on the drama, including everyone's favorite sh*t-stirrer, Azealia Banks.

So what side is she on? Considering the bad blood that's long existed between her and Nick, it's no surprise that Azealia is #TeamRemy on this one.

"I bet nick will do something p*ssy and try to call the cops on remy," she wrote on Twitter. "She's evil enough to try and set remy up like that. Soon you'll be knocking on my door trying to buy pieces of your soul back. Lol KEEP IT UP. Give me more energy Onika, I will suck you dry."

"She's wants me to retaliate but I'm smart enough to never interrupt my enemy while they are making a mistake. Perfect timing," she continued in the series of tweets. "I literally just put her energy in a bottle. I'll pull the bottle out and sprinkle it on one of the FANTASEA tracks. Thank you Nicki Minaj for the free energy! I will be bottling it up and using it for FANTASEA!!!!!"

Girl, ok. You can check out Azealia's tweets below.

But wait, the plot thickens. Remy wrote "ShETHER" as a response to the slander Nicki spit in "Make Love," but is it possible that Nicki wasn't even talking about Remy in that song? A fan's theory suggests that it was Azealia Nicki was actually talking about, which would mean this whole thing started over a misunderstanding.

Mind. Blown. Check out the theory below.

Again. Mind blown!

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