Azealia Banks Thinks Skin Bleaching Is The Same As Wearing A Weave

No big deal...

By Aimée Lutkin

The saga of Azealia Banks is a difficult one to follow. She hit the ground running with some amazing songs, then ended up in a feud with Iggy Azalea around the subject of cultural appropriation - the same exact thing Jesse Williams recently spoke so eloquently about at the BET Awards. But Banks has been publicly railing about it for years now, particularly on Twitter. So, it was kind of a surprise to hear that Azealia Banks was bleaching her skin.

Unfortunately, Banks’ tweets tend to be pretty unhinged and abusive, even getting her banned from the site. She's frequently spoken about how dark-skinned women are treated differently in Hollywood and the music industry, even coming for Beyoncé (big mistake). So, why would she choose to lighten her skin?

Last month, photos of her were posted by skin lightening company Whitenicious who confirmed that Banks was a long-time paying customer. Banks even ended up lashing out at fans who commented on her decision negatively, replying "Because my p*ssy is purple," when asked why someone with a "pro-black lifestyle and mentality" would skin bleach.

But Banks wasn't done talking about the decision. World Star Hip Hop shared a clip of her explaining that lightening your skin is the same as wearing a weave, or getting a nose job, or any other cosmetic choice you can make-- according to her. Watch below.

Banks has spoken up about mental health issues before, and in general seems like someone who has wild mood swings and (most likely) not a lot of support from people who are close to her. While it’s hard to agree with her reasoning - which seems a bit disingenuous considering her past critiques of others - it’s sad that she has felt driven to changing herself so drastically.

And there's still plenty, as you can imagine, who disagree.


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