Baby Future Called Russell Wilson "Papa" And The Internet Is Losing It (VIDEO)

It's Future's worst nightmare come true.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

A week after Ciara and Russell Wilson tied the knot, their new family is still making headlines, but it's not the wedding people are talking about this time.

A video of baby Future referring to his new stepdad Russell Wilson as "Papa" is causing quite the ruckus all over the internet.

Yesterday, Russell shared a Facebook live video of himself getting a haircut in preparation for his appearance at Nickelodeon's 2nd Annual Kid's Choice Sports Awards this weekend. During the video, baby Future requests a kiss from Ciara by saying "Mama kiss," and then requests the same from his stepfather by saying "Papa kiss."

Russell gives him a kiss on the cheek, adding, "You're so sweet." It's a pretty cute moment, but considering how strained things have been between Ciara and Future (what with all the lawsuits and the never-ending custody disagreements), Future is probably firing up his Twitter fingers for an explosive response as we speak.

See the video for yourself below; skip to the 9 minute mark for the part that's gonna make Future's head explode.


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