Be A Magical Pair Of Fighting Panties In New Video Game 'Pan Pan'

It's “a fast-paced battle game" starring "stupid panties."

Pretty much all of us have fond memories of kicking virtual ass in video games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. But, instead of a badass international warrior, have you ever wanted to play as a combatant pair of magical panties? No, you probably haven't. But the game designers over at Animu Game have gone ahead and created an adventure starring brawling undergarments anyway.

Described as a “a fast-paced battle game" starring "stupid panties,"Pan Pan's creators are sure to warn players that this game is not pornographic: “NO hentai contents in this game!" reads the official description on Steam.

Pan Pan will be available on Steam in 2017. We're all going to buy it.

h/t: Kotaku

[Photo: Screenshot via YouTube]

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