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Beauty Vloggers Put On 100 Layers Of Liquid Lipstick To See What It Looks Like

Because why not?

First the internet showed us what it would look like if someone painted on 116 coats of nail polish, and now beauty vloggers are demonstrating what 100 coats of liquid lipstick looks like when you pile it onto your lips.

Youtubers are joining in on the #LipstickMountain challenge, where brave makeup fanatics swipe on layer after layer of liquid lippie just for the sake of curiosity (and ok, page views). In case you were wondering, 100 layers of lipstick looks just as gross as it sounds. I can't even pinpoint why exactly I'm upset. Is it because their lips look like a giant scab waiting to be peeled off? Is it because there's a ton of probably perfectly nice lipstick going to waste? It is because I just can't make myself look away no matter how much I want to? I don't even know anymore.

Check out some of the #LipstickMountain challenge videos below - just don't say I didn't warn you.


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