Beyonce Fans Are Dragging Karlie Kloss And Even She's Embarrassed

This is too much.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Let's all just have a moment of silence for Karlie Kloss' mentions. She got on the wrong side of the Beyhive and she's getting dragged on Twitter now.

So, what did she do? During an interview for U.K. magazine Love, Karlie filled out a questionnaire and branded herself a Beyonce fangirl, even going as far as saying that she's been a fan since Bey's Destiny's Child days.

Now here's where it gets totally cringe-y. When asked how Beyonce has influenced her life, Karlie wrote, "She is the soundtrack to my life! C'mon, 'Waterfalls?'"

Girl, no. No. Just no.

In case it needs to be said, "Waterfalls" is a TLC song, not a Destiny's Child hit. In fact, it's probably one of TLC's most popular songs, which makes this even more cringeworthy. Do I even need to tell you she got dragged on Twitter?

It's all in good fun, though. Kloss even had to laugh at herself, responding to a tweet about her mistake with "LOL" and an emoji of a monkey covering its eyes.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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