Beyonce May Not Have Even Written The "Becky With The Good Hair" Line

The songwriter behind the lyric spills the tea on its meaning - sort of.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Diana Gordon, one of the songwriters who helped Beyonce write Lemonade, just dropped the biggest bomb on all of us. The minute audiences heard "Becky With The Good Hair," we all got to speculating about a possible side chick in Bey and Jay's life. Is Rachel Roy Becky? What about Rita Ora?

Well, it's possible that all that overanalyzing was for nothing, and Beyonce didn't write the lyric as a pointed jab at anyone - if she even wrote it personally in the first place. Gordon is a co-writer on the song "Sorry," and in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, she weighed in on the Becky scandal and the crazy response to the lyric.

"I laughed, like, this is so silly," she began. "Where are we living? I was like, 'What day and age from that lyric do you get all of this information?' Is it really telling you all that much, accusing people?"


She goes on to say that she and Beyonce never even discussed the controversy caused by the "Becky" line.

"I don't think she expected [the response]," she said. "I saw her at her Formation tour. She had a pajama party. We laughed, we danced, we hugged it out. But I didn't say much about it at the time because I wanted to give her space. The idea started in my mind but it's not mine anymore. It was very funny and amusing to me to watch it spread over the world."

So wait, what? Help me out here. So Beyonce didn't write that line, but did she choose it with someone specific in mind? That's what everyone is curious about, but it looks like we may never know. As Diana explains in the interview, the way the queen works is complicated.

"Beyonce is a scientist of songs," Gordon said. "I've never seen anyone work the way she works. She definitely changes the song structures. She can take two songs, say, 'I like two lines, I like the melody then let me use that for a verse and a bridge and write the whole middle.' It's more of a collaboration."

Am I the only one who feels like they know even less than they did before? The Becky mystery continues. 


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