Bill Cosby Just Dropped His Lawsuit Against Sexual Assault Accuser Andrea Constand

Andrea Constand, Cosby's first accuser, will no longer face monetary consequences for breach of contract.

By Jazzi Johnson

The Bill Cosby sex abuse accusations ravaged our media last year, and it's still going strong. In an effort to offset the damage, Cosby handed out a few lawsuits of his own, but it appears he's had a change of heart about one of the most high-profile lawsuits out there.

That case is the one up against  Andrea Constand, Cosby's first public accuser dating back to 2005. She told police that Cosby pressured her into taking pills that immobilized her, then he sexaully assaulted her. She agreed to a confidential court settlement a year after making the accusation. When police reopened the criminal case (after more than 50 of his accusers came forward, prompting the release of his deposition), Constand spoke to police about her experience, she tweeted twice, and agreed to an interview with a Toronto newspaper.

Cosby and his lawyers believed it was enough to sue her for breach of contract, violating the confidentiality clause of her settlement.

However on Thursday, Cosby dropped the lawsuit altogether. His lawyers released this statement, according to NBC News: "With a court validation of his ability to proceed ... Mr. Cosby has today stepped away from that suit and will instead focus his efforts on defending himself against the claims that have been lodged against him."

Constand's lawyer Dolores Troiani once called Cosby's suit "a blatant attempt at intimidation," and is now calling the dropped charges "a victory for all victims." Well, sort of. The man is still free, for now.

Bill Cosby is still scheduled to stand trial in his criminal sexual assault case against Constand.


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