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Blac Chyna Is Getting Her Very Own 3D Doll [VIDEO]

And they will be coming in multiple sizes.

If you’ve ever wanted Blac Chyna to come to your house, that’s too bad because she probably never will. But you will soon be able to buy a posable doll that looks just like her and have tea with it, and no one will even know what a creep you are. TMZ reports that Chyna is working with My3DNA since August, a producer that scans people’s faces and bodies, then 3D prints them. Chyna posted some video of how awkward this looks on Instagram on Wednesday, captioning it "Working on something for my Chyna Dolls." Wait, who is the doll here:

This looks like a preview of the result:

There will be 6-8 various sizes of the doll, starting at $75 dollars. That’s presumably for a smaller one, in case you want to carry Blac Chyna in your purse. Sounds like a fair exchange, because she’ll be carrying your money in hers.

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