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Blac Chyna's Lawyer Says The Kardashians "Decided To Start A War"

And Chyna's team plans to "vigorously fight" on her behalf.

Blac Chyna is preparing for war.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Chyna's lawyer Lisa Bloom addressed her client's recently-filed lawsuit against Rob Kardashian and the KarJenner family. In addition to accusing her ex of verbal and physical abuse, Chyna claims his family purposely damaged her brand.

"They decided to start a war by trashing her online repeatedly, so it's on ... and we are going to vigorously fight for Chyna in this case," Bloom said.

Along with her ex, Chyna listed Kris Jenner and all of the KarJenner sisters on the suit, claiming that the family used their influence to get her reality show Rob & Chyna cancelled.

"Even though Chyna left Rob at the end of 2016, the network was still interested in doing season two of the show. How would these two live separate lives and co-parent a baby? Would they get back together? This is classic reality show material, but the show was killed. Chyna's rep was told it was because the Kardashian family would not allow it to go forward," Bloom said.

"It's not just she lost a lot of income by not getting season two or all the other seasons that would've followed, it's the endorsement deals, it's the appearances fees, promotion of her products," Bloom continued. "This is how reality shows can become very lucrative, and the Kardashian family knows well because they have exploited the economic benefits of reality TV better than anyone ... and God bless them for it. I admire their business savvy in doing that, but they know very well how important it is to have a hit show so other things could flow from it. They knew what they were depriving Chyna of."

Neither Rob nor his sisters have commented publicly on the situation, but TMZ's sources contradict Chyna's claim, reporting that the show couldn't continue filming because the model/entrepreneur refused to be in the same room with Rob.

Chyna is seeking unspecified damages, but she's not the only one looking to have her day in court; as previously reported, Rob and Kylie Jenner filed a lawsuit against Chyna last month, accusing her of assaulting Rob multiple times and causing $100k worth of damage to the home she and Rob were renting from Kylie at the time.

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