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Very Real

Black Teen Demands Fox News Apologize For Calling Him “Obnoxious” For Getting Full Rides To 20 Colleges

The white women of Fox had a real problem with Michael Brown “taking away a spot” from another kid after he was offered full rides to a whopping 20 universities. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Being offered a full ride to 20 different colleges, including Harvard, Stanford, and Yale? That sounds like reason enough to celebrate, but some seem to feel differently.

A video of 17-year-old Michael Brown celebrating with his family after being accepted into 20 colleges went viral recently. And on April 3, Fox News co-anchor Holly Morris and contributor Sarah Fraser criticized Brown’s decision to apply to so many schools, calling it “obnoxious.”

“It’s a little ridiculous that this kid applied to 20 taking away a spot and basically wait-listing another kid,” Fraser said.

“I think it’s a little obnoxious because you can only go to one,” Morris added. “You can only take one full ride and you are taking a spot from someone else who worked really hard.”

Unsurprisingly, their criticism of a high-achieving child has received negative attention online. While Michael Brown filmed a follow-up interview via Skype with Morris two days later that he called “respectful,” he says that she did not apologize during the interview. Brown will not allow the network to air the footage until they issue a public apology, he wrote on Twitter.

“Where’s the #humandecency?” his tweet read.

Brown, who earned a 4.68 GPA at Lamar High School, told Newsweek that while he wasn’t “too angry” about the comments, he did feel disappointed by them.

“My disappointment was with the language used to describe me, a minor. To call someone obnoxious and annoying,” he said. "I cannot change how someone thinks, but how someone presents their opinion is important and they just presented it poorly.”

Brown also seems a little more mature than these co-hosts. He advised Morris and Fraser to “maybe next time think a little bit more before you act or say something and just consider the person on the other side,” Newsweek reports.

The co-hosts are claiming that they did apologize.

While Morris claimed on Twitter that she had “apologized to Michael and he accepted my apology,” Brown’s mother Berthinia Rutledge-Brown says that Morris did not, telling USA Today that, instead of apologizing, Morris told her son that she did not mean to offend him. They have not received an apology from the station either, Rutledge-Brown said, adding that her son was truly hurt by the comments, while she felt “numb” over the situation.

Fraser said that she has since apologized for the comments she made about Brown, writing, “I have apologized to Michael, and he accepted my apology. Michael’s accomplishments aren’t up for debate. I have learned a valuable lesson.”


(Photo: Stock photo. Posed by model. By laflor/Getty Images)