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Bow Wow Is Involved In Another Pointless Beef - This Time With A Major DJ

Two grown men fighting on social media. Sigh.

Bow Wow is involved in another beef. The rapper-turned-actor is often at odds with people—from Soulja Boy to his ex-fiance— and now he's in it with DJ Funkmaster Flex. Complex breaks down how the pointless argument all began.

Yesterday, Flex decided to blast Bow Wow on Twitter for being a bad artist. It's unclear what prompted this but the outspoken Flex shared that Bow is "trash."

Of course, Bow Wow fired back by saying that the only New York City DJ he respects is Flex's longtime rival DJ Clue. Flex retaliated by taunting Bow Wow over his lack of musical skills and lackluster album sales, asking, "U got 3 million followers? U can't get them to buy your album my guy?"

Bow Wow reportedly blocked the Hot 97 radio personality on Twitter but continued to fire shots, including bringing up his issues with Drake

Grown men fighting each other on social media. Awesome.


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