Bow Wow Posted This Pic Of Tupac And Got Read For Filth By Twitter

Remember when he said he didn't care about voting rights?...

By Eric Shorey

Much like our girl Azealia Banks and our buddy Soulja Boy, rapper Bow Wow at this point is more famous for his (wack AF) social media presence than for his music. Take, for example, this recent post the formerly lil' rapper posted just yesterday:

Ummm, sure? Does anybody know what this could even mean-- given that he passed away nearly 20 years ago? Also, you kind of don't get to post ish like that after claiming you don't care about voting rights?

Anyway, Twitter did not take too kindly to the tweet and responded by dragging Bow Wow through the mud. Here are some of the replies:

The carry is real, people.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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