Brandy's Record Label Fires Back, Says She's Washed Up

"Her best days are behind her," claims a rep from Chameleon Entertainment.

By Eric Shorey

Earlier this week, Brandy popped off on her record label, claiming that she felt enslaved by her representation's restrictions, lack of funding, and their attempts to stop her from producing new material. Now, Chameleon Entertainment is refuting those claims with a rather devastating retort: they're saying the singer just isn't capable of producing hit tracks anymore.

TMZ spoke with a representative from Brandy's label who made some pretty strong claims: "Brandy's allegations are a desperate ploy to drum up publicity instead of facing facts -- her best days are behind her. The rep says [they] took a risk 'signing an artist that hasn't had a chart single success since the early 2000's.'"

The Chameleon spokesperson also criticized Brandy's usage of the word "slavery" considering the racial tensions so prominently on display in America lately.

But if Brandy is such a loser, why won't Chameleon just release her, which is exactly what she wanted from the start? This is precisely the question that Brandy's team asked when TMZ updated their article a few hours later.

Chameleon has yet to respond to the singer's latest request.


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