BREAKING: Kesha Denied Release From Her Label Despite Alleged Abuse

According to sources, Kesha wept openly at the ruling. #FreeKesha

It's official: a judge has ruled that Kesha will not be released from her contract with Sony.

After filing a lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke due to allegations of rape and abuse, Kesha sought an injunction in an effort to continue to make music while the case proceeds -- but a judge has ruled that "there has been no showing of irreparable harm" in terms of the singer's career.

"You're asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry," the judge said, and suggested that she work with a different producer under the label. The concerns of Kesha's attorneys are that she'll be blacklisted by her label for refusing to continue to work with Dr. Luke.

TMZ report that Kesha wept openly in the back of the courtroom, where she was seated with her mother, who just successfully beat Dr. Luke's lawsuit against her wherein he claimed she defamed him.

Fans have been gathering outside the courthouse in support of the singer and the #FreeKesha movement and after being dealt such a devastating blow, she's going to need it.

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