Brenda Perez Dressed Like A Guy And Proved Girls Are Amazing At Soccer

She can do it like a dude—even better

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Anything boys can do, we can do better! Professional soccer player Brenda “Dani” Perez wanted to dispel the myth that women can’t play soccer as well as the guys by going undercover. She altered her looks with a seven-hour transformation, complete with beard, and then crashed a men’s amateur league.  The results? Fantástico!

Brenda was incredible on the field, going toe-for-toe with her male counterparts. Eventually, she removed her disguise and revealed her true identity. Her opponents were stunned. The entire soccer (or “football,” in that part of the world) match was taped for Spanish television show El Hormiguero.

"Women’s football doesn’t have any presence alongside men’s football which receives all the media attention,” said show scriptwriter Jordi Molto. “Some people might say women haven’t got the same physical capacity or the same strength but this shows the technique can be the same and women and men with a ball at their feet can put on the same spectacle."

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