Butt Contouring Is (Kinda) A Thing Now

Have we officially run out of body parts to apply makeup to?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is there anything makeup can't do? We all know that it can transform your face like magic, and even your cleavage and legs if you feel so inclined, but your butt? Really?

Anyone looking to achieve the perfect butt selfie (because in what other possible situation might you need to do this?) can now harness the magic of makeup and apply it to their derriere. A butt contouring tutorial uploaded a few days ago by online makeup academy Live Glam has since gone viral, with commenters expressing everything from dismay to excitement. (But let's be real here: it's mostly dismay.)


It seems to have been posted in jest, but strap in...the summer of butt contouring might be upon us. 

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